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We used to attend here most days when we were children. We lived in Rock Ferry, and my Grandma and family lived in Byrne Avenue when we were children. I visited these baths every week. When in high school we also attended each week for sports. I am super excited to attend again as I have not been for many years, I would also love to do some work together with the community so that we can boost our community, which has now become run down, it takes the people to change a community and bring back the life of that place and area. Rock Ferry is now so run down its lost the life it used to have. I believe we can change this if our hearts are in it and we are willing to do the work together.
I learnt how to swim here, and so did all my other siblings, I even believe my mother and her siblings all learnt to swim here also. I am praying that this swimming baths is used to revive the Rock Ferry Community for the better of all, this can only be done if all band together, this would be including other small businesses and families in the area.

My heart has a huge place for Byrne Ave Baths.
Much Love to all
Amy. X