Psychic Night- Friday 11th November 2022


Byrne Avenue Baths is pleased to announce a psychic night!

Join experienced Psychics Karen Berry, Bernard Key and John Durrant for a night of readings, connections and more!

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Doors will open at 6.30 to enable people to take their seats ready for readings to begin at 7.00pm. There will then be two hours of readings, during which time hot and cold drinks will be available. At 9.00pm there will be a break and the bar will open. After that there will be an opportunity to have a private reading at a special rate of £15 for 20 minutes. During this time there will also be a Question and Answer session for those remaining in the main room. The event is due to finish around 11.00pm.

Our mediums for this event are:

John Durrant - John is the owner and founder of Spiritual Connection. With over 40 years in the industry, John has experience of Spiritualism in a range of forms.

Bernard Key - Bernard is the owner and director of Trinity Paranormal Team. His contact with his spirit friends is always honest and sincere with smiles and laughter.

Karen Berry - A professional medium for several years, Karen has no problem in calling a spade a spade and has a no-nonsense approach to spiritual demonstrations and the spirit world in general, however her respect for those who have passed is deep and sincere provide excellent evidence.