Hi my name is Jayne and, along with my friends Kathy O and Kathy E, (The 4 Mary’s ) we would like to share with you our evening at Byrne Avenues interactive dining experience.

We had such a great time, their event featured a captivating “Mutiny on the Mersey” theme with the Sudden Death murder mystery theatre crew.

There was never the dull moment around the table with diners who had joined in with the theme, dressing up as pirates, and cast members engaging with the guests threatening to get them to walk the plank.

We had such a laugh. Everybody around our table putting forward their idea of who they thought the murderer was! By the end of the evening we had changed our mind multiple times. We have no idea how, but we managed to guess who the murderer was and won, Who knew we were super sleuths. 😂😂

For a small small charity the whole evening went swimmingly. It was well-organized, with a well-stocked bar and delicious food.

This was a great social evening chatting with other diners and having a good laugh. We would highly recommend these events. It was so much fun and for such a great charity too

Jayne, Kathy O & Kathy E
The 4 Mary’s