We’ve Done It!

A fresh start for Byrne Avenue Baths

After years of closure, there is new hope on the horizon for Byrne Avenue Baths, the 1930s Grade II listed swimming pool complex in Rock Ferry, Wirral. Byrne Avenue Trust announced this week that they have successfully taken over the lease of this much loved building following years of complex negotiations.

The Trust now aims to restore and re-open the building as a thriving community space and sports centre, while preserving the history and heritage of the Baths. Unfortunately the building has fallen into a poor state of repair so the full restoration will take several years to complete. However, by undertaking the work in a number of stages, the Trust aims to ensure that at least parts of the building can be opened as soon as possible so that everybody can begin to enjoy this stunning space.

Ben Harrison, Chair of the Trustees, said:
“Like many people on Wirral, I love this building. It was an integral part of our lives, and many of us have enormously fond memories of time spent there. Now we have a chance for it to become the heart of Rock Ferry as it was for generations but Byrne Avenue Baths needs your help. There are so many ways in which you can contribute to this incredible project. We are looking for people who can volunteer their time and their skills, or companies who can donate products and services. Are you a plumber? An electrician?  A tree surgeon? Can you help in the garden, or lift and carry? If so please do get in touch as we need you as part of the restoration! Imagine seeing this incredible building in years to come and thinking ‘I helped do that’.”

There are so many ways that everybody can contribute to this incredible project – through fundraising and events, by becoming an Ambassador for this iconic building, or by volunteering in areas that fit with their particular skills and passions. To offer your help or support, please contact the Trust at help@byrneavenuebaths.org or via Facebook, Byrne Avenue Trust, or drop a note in at the Baths.

Crowdfunding campaign

To celebrate the handover of the building, the Trust is launching its first fundraiser, a Crowdfunding campaign called Let’s Get This Party Started. This will start the process of raising the large amount of money needed to restore the Grade II listed building.

Peter Sherlock, one of the Trustees said
“Byrne Avenue Baths has been a sleeping beauty for a decade. We have the most spectacular jewel in the heart of our community. Together we can make her shine like the brightest diamond. If you are one of the many Wirral residents who learnt to swim there, played football there, went to Battle of the Bands or to the rollerskating nights then please donate so that we can re-open the building to let this generation can have the same fun that we had. She’s an amazing building. Please help us to Get This Party Started”.

For further details and to support the campaign go to:

To keep up with the restoration’s progress and to find out about planned events and activities you can follow Byrne Avenue Baths on Facebook or @ByrneAve on Twitter.