Plans & Phases

Byrne Avenue Trust (BAT) intends to restore the building, retain the surviving original features, and refurbish the rest of the building.

We’ve tried to find the funding to do this in one go, but that is a lot of money and so far we haven’t had any success. So, not deterred by this, we are going for a Phased approach to the restoration.







Phase 1 – Getting watertight

  • The Roof
  • The Windows
  • Doors
  • Clean up and clear out

Phase 2 – Power and Heat

  • Check all water and power supplies
  • Investigate Solar Panels to provide electricity
  • Investigate Biomass boiler for efficient heat

Phase 3 – Usage

  • Getting part of the building into use
  • Painting and decorating offices and smaller spaces
  • Refurbishing the changing rooms
  • Decorating the Small Hall for sport and community use

Phase 4 – The Sports Hall

  • New floor
  • Painting and decorating
  • New equipment

Phase 5 – The Pool

  • Work on the pool underpinning
  • Repairing the plaster
  • Restoring the cubicles
  • Painting and decorating
  • Installing new showers and toilets

Phase 6 – Community Facilities

  • The Slipper Baths
  • The Community Cafe
  • Meeting Rooms


Alison McGovern MP on her recent visit to the Baths to find out first hand what the plans are.

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